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January 2007
We had such a great time. The condominium was just perfect.  We appreciated the modern decorating and the hip style not usually found in Rocky Point.  We will be back!
On the golf course
Phase I from beach
On Sandy Beach
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By the waterfall
February 2007
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay! The condo was beautiful, and the resort was amazing. The staff was very helpful and we had no problems checking in like you said.
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February 2007
What a beautiful development!  We were very impressed with Las Palomas, the golf course, and your condo.  Our three day stay was not long enough!
Randy & Cheryl
May 2007
Thank you, thank you!!!  The place was as beautiful as the pictures and we could not of asked for more!!!  There was no problems at all with the room or the resort.  And I haven't even been back for 2 days and have been raving about your place and gave your website out.  Believe me there is nothing but good feedback from the whole experience.  We loved it so much... We will definitely be booking with you guys in the near future.  Once again thank you so much for the much needed breath of fresh air!!!!
May 2007
The condo is great, we had great dinners and took your advice on a few restaurants and will surely be back.
Thanks again for all your suggestions.